Adult Love Dolls Online LTD is a registered European company (812573648), with our offices in Poland and 10 warehouses situated worldwide. All our real love sex dolls are made by the highest quality manufactures in China and then are shipped out to our warehouses. We operate in this way so that our main customer base do not have to pay any customs duty or extra fees on their sex doll purchase. We source our love dolls from only the best manufacturers and we are in contact with them on a daily basis, ensuring that all criteria and quality standards are met. We understand that purchasing one of these premium realistic sex dolls can be very costly and we like to make our customers buying journey a friction-less one, with no hidden surprises. 

We have a great team that is very committed to ensuring the best experience and that all targets and standards are met to the highest standard. We are very enthusiastic about are place in the sex doll industry and as we continue to grow, we can really see that there are huge benefits and positives, that arise from these amazing realistic love dolls. We truly believe that everyone's sexual preferences should be respected and that no one has a right to judge another and with a little love and compassion, this world can be a better place for everyone   

We also make sure that all the materials used meet European health & safety standards, is of no harm to humans and are environmentally friendly.     


About us


Our company is starting to venture into the research and development of these magnificent love dolls and we hope to be producing our own sex robots, with artificial intelligence by the end of 2020. Our core aim is to produce a wider variety of real love sex dolls and with better performance than ever. We want to help take the industry toward better perfection of these realistic sex dolls and we are expanding our company for the market of the future.


About us