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What is a sex doll?

A sex doll, which can also be referred too as a Japanese love doll, real doll, a sexy doll, a real love sex doll, and many more similar names, along those lines. Realistic sex dolls nowadays are basically just a sexual masturbatory aid but a very lifelike sexual, to say the least. Sex dolls were first invented by Dutch sailors and during Rangaku, the Dutch sold them to the Japanese. They were originally called Dutch wives. Also, many people think that Hitler invented the sex doll but it is not proven to be true in any way.

Real love dolls come in many shapes and sizes, from mini sex dolls weighing as little as 10kg and having a height of 50cm, all the way up to 40kg love dolls, that measure up to 170cm tall. These are good things to take into account when buying a sex doll, depending on your fitness and ability. It is something you should take into consideration because if you don't have the strength or are not in the best of health, a smaller sex doll might be the way to go but if you are in tip-top condition and you fancy a good workout with one of the bigger girls, then why not try your chances?

Adult Love Dolls Online is one of the leading industry suppliers of sex dolls in Europe and worldwide and has a wide selection to choose from and has a simple and easy website, to navigate. 


What is sex with a sex doll like?

There are plenty of blogs and forums on the topic but from personal experience and from taking what other enthusiasts are saying, lifelike sex dolls really are the closest experience that you can get to having sex with a real woman and this comes from the mouths of hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide. They not only look extremely real but are also extremely real to the feel and touch.


How much is a sex doll?

Real love sex dolls can range in price anywhere from $500, up to $5,000, depending on the specifications and modifications. Mini sex dolls are usually referred to as cheap sex dolls but this is only because of there size and usually the smaller the doll, the cheaper they will be because obviously it is less material and fewer man-hours that go into producing them. The lifesize sex dolls and ones with voice features and body heating features are more on the expensive side but you can also get these features added to mini sex dolls. The best way to decide when choosing your life size realistic sex doll is to just take a look and figure out what it is you want. No one knows you, better than you but you can get a top-quality sex doll in any of these price ranges, it just depends on what you are looking for.



There are two main materials that go into making a real life sex doll. The first and most common is TPE, which is a mixture of rubber and plastic and is considerably cheaper than a silicone sex doll. The second material is of course silicone and the silicone material is more expensive but is also more durable and heat resistant, so you can take hot baths with your love doll and leave it in hot storage places. There is a lot of chatter online about which material is more realistic but the conclusion seems to be that both are very realistic and TPE seems to be more preferred because of the huge difference in price and the fact that they are practically the same.


Future of sex dolls

Sex dolls are not looking like they are going away anytime soon and it is definitely looking like they are only going to get more realistic, more lifelike, and more advanced as we head into the future. All the big companies are investing more and more into the research and development of these amazing real life sex dolls and it's going to be interesting to see just how far they can take this technology.

by Paul Hennen


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