by Paul Hennen
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2021 has been a great year for sex doll sales and popularity is only going to grow in the coming years. Adult Love Dolls Online is fast becoming a worthy competitor in the sex doll market and we wanted to just make a short top 10 list of our best sellers for our potential customers, just so they have  and idea what some of the best selling sex dolls of 2021 are. So, lets get started.


1. Harley Quinn Sexy Anime Sex Doll

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll has quickly become one of the favorites with our customers and seems to just getting popular with time. Harley has a gorgeous tight teen figure, with a soft pale complexion. We can definitely see why she is a fan fave and we predict that she will continue to be in high demand for some time to come.


2. Beth Hottest Curvy BBW Sex Doll

Chubby Sex Doll

Beth is an awesome, hot, and mature looking chubby sex doll that really seems to gaining in popularity with her male counter parts. Maybe it's her mesmerizing blue eyes or maybe it's just her fantastic curvy BBW love doll figure that is driving the men crazy. Whatever it is we think that anyone that gets to take this plump chubby love doll home with them is definitely in for a good time.


3. Katie Flexible Redhead Teen Sex Doll

Redhead Sex Doll

This awesome Redhead Sex Doll doesn't leave much to the imagination and judging by her sales, we think our customers might just agree. Katie is one beautiful teen and definitely a beautiful teen sex doll that you may want to check out with.

4. Penny Beautiful Curvy Sexy Sex Doll

Curvy Sex Doll

This awesome and beautiful curvy sex doll has everything any man could ever want and a BBW sex doll and more. Penny is most certainly a big hit with the customers and we expect her to only do better with time. So if curvy sex dolls are your forte, then don't miss out on this beautifully crafted starlet.


5. Malinda Life-size Sex Doll

Full Size Sex Dolls

As far as full size sex dolls go... Malinda is definitely a cut above the rest, and one beautiful doll that shouldn't be ignored. If you want a big booty sex doll, with awesome curves, and stunning mature looks, then this is definitely the love doll for you.


6. Joanna Life Size Japanese Sex Doll

Joanna Sex Doll

The awesome Joanna Sex Doll is a beautiful teen sex doll that any man would be lucky to have. Joanna is cute and innocent looking, with a gorgeous tanned complexion, and it's not hard to see why she is so popular.


7. Ola Dirty Brazilian Realistic Sex Doll

Pornstar Sex Doll

This amazingly realistic Pornstar Sex Doll has fast become a best seller and shows no sign of slowing down. if you're looking for an awesome Brazilian to rock your world and fulfill all of your wildest fantasies, then this is most certainly the one for you.


Well that is it for now but if none of these sex dolls have tickled your fancy, there are plenty more in store that sell just as well and are looking for a good home. Don't be a stranger and thank you for taking the time to check out some of our best sellers for 2021.



by Paul Hennen


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